The Verrano Grill

The Verrano Grill

“We provide carefully selected steak cuts that are sourced from premium beef producers and suppliers with minimum quality requirements including MSA graded, pasture raised, and grain fed finished. We also wet age our steaks for 40 plus days to ensure unsurpassed steak tenderness, flavour and eating experience”.

$65.0 / 2ppl | Choose any 2 Steaks & includes a bottle of Red or White Wine or 2 x Craft Beer Schooners
300gm Sirloin (Porterhouse)
This steak cut is often referred to as the "steak lovers first choice". Sirloin of Porterhouse - the name choice is yours and this steak has a fine but firm texture, a big richness in flavour and it’s perfectly suited to our open flame char grill.
300gm Scotch Fillet
This steak cut is another with two names "Rib Fillet" or "Scotch Fillet" - you choose. This is the go-to steak cut if you crave tenderness, juiciness with big bold flavours. This steak loves the open flame grill for that char flavour.
300gm Rump
This is a popular steak cut that is very sweet in taste, with a buttery texture that simply melts in the mouth. A versatile steak that just works with any of our sauces, Tender, full of flavour and another cut that loves the open flame grill to end with that char grill taste.
250gm Eye Fillet
Exquisitely tender this steak cut needs no introduction. Big bold flavour and super tender it`s another cut that loves the open flame grill. Best served medium rare, this is a steak cut that works well with any of our sauces.
250gm Filet Mignon
This is a classic steak cut that has the big bold eye fillet flavour with a bacon wrap to seal in the moisture and intensify the flavour. We are resurrecting the 70`s with this one, but just too good to leave off the grill menu.
All our steaks come with the Chefs salad, crunchy steak fries and your choice of Sauces - Mushroom | Peppercorn | Béarnaise | Red Wine Jus

Tapas | Share Plates

Zucchini & Aged Cheddar Croquettes (3)
arrabbiata sauce, garlic aioli (v)
roasted pumpkin, goats’ cheese, blistered tomato, prosciutto, leek ash (v,gf) |
Pork Belly (3)
maple & whiskey glazed pork belly, sweet potato puree, fried enoki mushroom, cauliflower sauce (gf)
compressed watermelon, whipped fetta, pine nuts, fresh mint (gf)
Duck Pancakes (3)
five spice slow roasted duck, carrot, cucumber, coriander, cucumber, ngoc cham
Halloumi & Cucumber
sriracha, herbed yoghurt, smoked salt, fresh mint (v,gf)
Asian BBQ Porterhouse
house kimchi, wasabi kewpie, pickled carrot, cos lettuce (gf) |
Tea Smoked Salmon
caper & dill cream cheese, pickles, cured egg yolk, crostini (gf)


Pork Belly Burger
charcoal brioche bun, pickled apple, black olive caper jam, cress, citrus mayo, crunchy steak fries (gf)
Chicken Burger
toasted turkish oval bun, panko & quinoa crumbed chicken breast schnitzel, bacon, halloumi, avocado, tomato, lettuce, sweet chilli sauce, crunchy steak fries | GF bread option available add 2.0
Steak Burger
toasted turkish oval bun, tender sirloin steak, swiss cheese, caramelised onion, beetroot, tomato, lettuce smokey BBQ sauce, crunchy steak fries | GF bread option available add 2.0

Other Lunch Options

Reuben Sandwich
slow cooked corned beef on sourdough, swiss cheese, sauerkraut, russian dressing, crunchy steak fries (gf)
Chicken Parmi
panko & quinoa crumbed chicken breast, passata, parma ham, vintage cheddar, chips, salad
Verrano Seasonal Salad
preserved tomato, orange, red onion, toasted seeds, cos lettuce, pomegranate dressing (v, gf)
Add Protein - five spice duck, pork belly, tea smoked salmon | 5.0
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